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Amazon Quiz Answers- 27 August 2019

Q.1   In ____, India won its first cricket World Cup. Fill in the blanks.

Ans: 1983

Q.2 The Indian Army built a bridge over the river Indus in a record time of 40 days and it is the longest suspension bridge in Leh. What it is called?   
Ans: Maitri Bridge

Q.3   Comets and asteroids which enter the Earth’s surroundings due to the gravitational pull of nearby Planets are called Neos. What does NEO stand for?

Ans: Near Earth Object

Q.4 Israel’s Aerospace industries is the first world to send a privately funded mission to the Moon. True or false?

Ans: True

Q.5. The name for which type of pants has its origins in the city of Genoa in Italy?

Ans: Jeans

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